Monday, April 11, 2011

The American Grinder

My oldest Daughter works in a Deli and last year she came home after work one day and was talking about this sandwich she had made that day. She said it looked and smelled so good while she made it and so she wanted to make some the next time it was her turn to cook. We all loved it, so the American Grinder has become a regular guest on our Spring and Summer menu. You can add or leave off ingredients as you like, but this is the version we like.
1 loaf french bread, cut in half horizontally
Lettuce leaves
10 slices deli Turkey
10 slices deli Ham
10 slices Colby Jack cheese, sometimes we use sliced Cheddar
Sliced Tomatoes, however many you like
Pickle slices, again personal preference dictates how many
Banana Pepper slices
We don't use Mayo, but if you want to you can.
Assemble sandwich in order in which ingredients are listed between the french bread halves. Enjoy! One Sandwich and some sides will usually feed the six of us.

Yum Yum!    

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  1. Our daughter works in the supermarket deli during the summers. She likes the Colby Jack cheese on sandwiches.