Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spreadable Butter and Breadcrumbs

My DH really likes his " Tub butter". That is what the kids and I call it, but it really is the margarine in the big tubs. In an effort to rid our kitchen of highly processed, artificial foods I started to buy good old butter. The only problem is, that butter is incredibly difficult to spread on a nice, soft piece of bread without first nuking it in the microwave or leaving it sit on the counter for a while to soften it. In casual conversation with one of my good friends she told me how her new husband taught her to make her own spreadable butter. Of course my ears perked up and I immediately got the recipe and instructions. Well, it is so easy that I believe we found a natural solution to our " Tub butter" problem. It also seems like a good way to stretch a pound of pretty expensive butter. So without further ado here is the recipe

1 pound ( or four sticks)  butter, softened              
3/4 cup Canola oil
Whip butter until fluffy, using a mixer, food-processor, or by hand. Add oil slowly. Whip until all the oil is blended with the butter. Put in a Tupperware or similar container. This needs to stay refrigerated, or so I'm told, or it will separate. I made my first batch of this today and it is in the fridge right now, but I am anxious to try it .
The finished product. 

My other Kitchen project today was to make some breadcrumbs. My family is somewhat picky when it comes to eating the end pieces of a loaf of bread, so in order to reduce food waste I either put those pieces in the oven after I bake something ( with the oven turned off) or I leave the bread lay on the counter for a day. When the bread is nice and dry I just use my food- processor or my brand new NINJA  and process until I have breadcrumbs. I then put them in a jar in the freezer until I need them. Sometimes I even add some Italian seasoning or other seasonings to make flavored breadcrumbs. Simple, I know, but it always makes me feel thrifty when I pull out my jar of breadcrumbs. Use as you would the expensive store bought kind :)

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  1. I just made some spreadable butter the other day and was planning to post it on my blog. We've been making it for a few years now and love it. It's so easy to make and helps stretch that expensive butter.