Sunday, May 8, 2011

Menu # 7

 This week will be another busy one. The weather here is finally getting nice and warm, so yardwork is in the forecast. Need to weed the yard and plant my garden. We also have 5th grade graduation for my DS # 2 and I'm planing a little celebration get-together for that. My DH also finally put up my clothesline, so my goal is to hang most of our laundry out to dry as energy costs around here are skyrocketing. This Sunday we will have company for dinner as we are hosting our speaker after the meeting. I still have Chicken and Pork Chops in the freezer, so that will make a few meals this week, and my Crock Pot will get a workout again as well. I need to make sure to take meat out of the freezer the night before I use it so it can thaw. My microwave died a sudden death last week and it's been quite interesting thawing meat and heating leftovers without it ( I know, I'm a wimp). So here we go

Toast and Egg
No Bake Bars
Baked Oatmeal
Yogurt with Granola

Soup ( Crock Pot)

Monday: DD # 2 cooks
Tuesday: Grilled Chicken, Steamed Veggies, Salad
Wednesday: Fettuccine Alfredo, Peas, Salad, Rolls
Thursday: 5th grade Graduation, Yeah
            We will grill Hamburgers, Brats and Hot Dogs, Potato Salad, Salad, Celebration Cake
Friday: Leftovers
Saturday: Home Made Pizza, Bread sticks, Salad
Sunday: Jagerschnitzel (I will make this in the Crock Pot ), Bacon Onion Spaetzle, Salad, Brownies with Vanilla Ice Cream
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