Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Menu # 9

Summer is finally here! DS# 2 has been out of school for a week already, but son# 1 had more school work to do, but finally on Saturday he turned in his last couple school assignments and so..... SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER.......
The weather here has still been on the cooler side, so heating up the kitchen hasn't become a big issue yet but according to our local forecast I think that will change this week. During the Summer we do more Salads, Sandwiches and Foods cooked on the grill.

Eggs and Toast
Banana Bread

Grilled Cheese/ Soup

Monday : Korean Chicken, Marinated Cucumbers, Rice
Tuesday: Ham and Cheese Stromboli, Broccoli Cheese Soup
Wednesday: Fishstick Reubens, Salad
Thursday: DD# 1 cooks
Friday: Leftovers
Saturday:Grilled  Pizza, Bread Sticks, Salad
Sunday: Hamburgers, Potato Salad, Steamed Veggies, Home Made Buns

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