Thursday, May 5, 2011

Home Made Frozen Chicken Breast Strips

The other day, while doing some monthly shopping at Sam's I came across some "reduced for quick sale" boneless, skinless chicken breast. It came out to be just $1.47/ lb,which is a great deal for my neck of the woods,  so I picked up a couple of family size packs to stick in my freezer. When I got home I decided to precook the chicken to have some cooked chicken on hand for some quick weeknight meals. I had some Buffalo chicken seasoning packets which I picked up 10/ $ 1.00, so that's what I used to season those chicken breasts. After 30 minutes in a 350* oven, this is what I ended up with.
I sliced  up the chicken and divided it up into 1 1/2 pound packs and put it in the freezer.
All sliced up and ready to go into some baggies.

I ended up with five packs of chicken to go in the freezer
This precooked chicken is great for pizza, soup, salad, fajitas, pot pie, or anything else that uses cooked chicken. What I like about this is that this is very versatile, I can choose any seasoning I want or have on hand and it's so much cheaper, probably even healthier than those store bought chicken strips.

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