Monday, June 13, 2011

Pictures From My World

 Please allow me to introduce two very special members of my family. Besides my four lovely children I also have two fantastic fur-babies. First there is Nani. We rescued her from the shelter five years ago this month. She had been a stray for some time and she was so thin when we first got her.We don't know her exact breed even though a Vet friend of ours seems to think she is part Sheba Inu.  She had also obviously been abused by someone in the past and so she has a few issues with some agression, nothing real serious but just enough to make life with Nani interesting.

Then there is Maya. Just over three years ago DD # 1's pet bird died suddenly. While DD was grieving she saw an opportunity to soften the heart of her dad. She begged and pleated for another pet and he's just such a softy that he told her to find herself a puppy. After a short search we found free puppies in the newspaper and after one brief phone call we had a new family member. Maya is the child of two purebread parents that were used for breeding. Maya's litter was an oops, as Black Lab Dad met up with Beagle Mom. She is the sweetest dog I have ever met and she has an incredible nurturing side to her. Any stuffed animal immediately becomes her baby, she even makes sure to take them out in the yard with her to potty.

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